Power Up Your Smile Retainer Program

Break a retainer? Lose one? – We’ve got you covered!

With our retainer program, you are ensuring you are invested in keeping your beautiful smile!

Why It’s Important

Ensuring your smile requires a strong commitment to long-term retention. If you do not wear your retainers, your teeth will continue to shift throughout your life. Retainers eventually age and lose their effectiveness or break. For the best protection of your smile, you will need to have them replaced periodically. They may also be lost or damaged due to neglect. To provide peace of mind and help protect your investment, we offer our patients several retainer options.

What You Get

This program is especially beneficial for those going into high school, college, or those who have busy careers. Accidents happen – let’s make sure you’re covered!

  • Up to 4 arches (upper or lower) and 50% off current retainer pricing above 4 arches for the first program year
  • Up to 2 arches (upper or lower) and 50% off current retainer pricing above 2 arches annually for the second through fifth program year
  • Free reglues for the first five years on all fixed retainers if the patient brings in the bar or if the glue comes off one tooth
  • One free replacement for a lost fixed retainer within the first program year with 50% off current fixed retainer pricing for additional lost fixed retainers within the first program year and subsequent second through fifth program years
  • 50% off current fixed retainer pricing for program years five through ten
  • Actual Program Value is up to $6000.00

*Please Note: The program year consists of the first month retention begins and unused sets, reglues and program details do not carry over to subsequent years. This agreement is with the patient listed below and is not transferrable. This program is not applicable for Phase 1 patients or lingual holding arches and is non-refundable. This contract is pertaining to the initial retention phase of the patient. If retreatment is needed in the future due to natural shifting of the teeth or due to non-compliance with retainer wear instructions, the patient would be responsible for additional treatment fees and have the option to purchase a secondary retainer program for subsequent retention phases.

This agreement is valid as proposed as long as Power and Pryse Orthodontics remains a viable business entity. If business operations cease or are unable or not permitted to continue business under any applicable law or regulations, this Agreement will be terminated without refund due.

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