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At Power & Pryse Orthodontics, we believe that one of the core qualities separating us from so many other practices in the area is quality care that is second to none. We believe that absolutely every person deserves to look in the mirror and see a smile they love.

That’s why, in addition to a level of care and personalized attention to detail that patients simply won’t be able to find anywhere else, we want to bring affordable orthodontics to as many people as possible.

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It’s never too early to begin your child’s journey to getting the smile of their dreams.


Our practice offers treatment specifically designed to meet your teen’s needs.


It’s never too late to start your smile journey. Our treatment is designed so that you can confidently smile more.

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We Offer the Perfect Treatment for Every Age and Life Stage

Clear Aligners

If you’re looking for an alternative to braces, you may have stumbled across clear aligners. These are a newer way to straighten and align teeth without the use of metal brackets in the mouth.

Clear aligners are a new technology that can straighten teeth without cementing metal brackets in the mouth. There are multiple types of clear aligners. The most common brands of clear aligners are Invisalign and 3M clarity aligners.

The Only Local 3D Tech Ortho

3D Recording Technology

More than anything else, the team at Power & Pryse Orthodontics wants people to feel comfortable when they come in for a treatment plan – and that is especially true when it comes to children.

Whenever we take on a new patient, for example, we always look at a child’s airways and breathing and include these findings in our custom treatment plan. We do this via a sophisticated 3D recording technology that allows us to design a more comfortable plan moving forward. Absolutely no other orthodontic practice in the area goes into this level of detail, but it’s one technique that we’re not planning on stopping anytime soon.