Clear Aligners

Power Up Your Smile

What Are Clear Aligners?

If you’re looking for an alternative to braces, you may have stumbled across clear aligners. These are a newer way to straighten and align teeth without the use of metal brackets in the mouth.

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Clear Aligners for Teens

Clear aligners were originally introduced as an alternative to traditional metal braces for adults. About 10 years afterward, this popular option started to be recommended for teens as well.

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Clear Aligners for Adults

Clear aligners are a popular choice for adults because they are less noticeable than the more traditional braces. The goal is the same, though. They work to move teeth gradually, so they are straighter and improve your smile.

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Clear Aligners FAQ

Caring for your Invisalign aligners properly ensures that there won’t be a buildup of bacteria, discoloration, or other issues. Every morning, remove your aligners and clean them thoroughly with antibacterial soap to remove bacteria that built up overnight.

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