Clear Aligners for Teens

Clear aligners were originally introduced as an alternative to traditional metal braces for adults. About 10 years afterward, this popular option started to be recommended for teens as well.

What are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are comprised of trays that slide snugly over the teeth. Customized for each patient, these coverings are made of thin, clear plastic that is nearly invisible to other people.

Aligners are designed to shift the teeth to the desired position using a series of small changes. Each set of aligners are worn only for a short amount of time — usually between one to two weeks.

Clear Aligners for Teens FAQ

If you are considering getting clear aligners, you probably have lots of questions such as:

How often do I have to wear my aligners?

For the best results, it’s important that you wear your clear aligners every day for at least 20 to 22 hours. This helps ensure that your treatment is on track and that the overall time you have to wear them does not have to be extended.

Is there anything that I cannot eat while using Clear Aligners?

There are a few types of foods and beverages that you should not eat or drink while using clear aligners. The good news, though, is that you can remove your aligners for a short time and enjoy the below foods. Just make sure to brush and floss before putting your aligners back in or as soon as possible afterward.

Sticky and chewy foods like gum and taffy should be avoided. These substances can leave residue behind that can damage both your teeth and the aligners. Hard foods like nuts, seeds, crusty bread, and hard candies can push your teeth out of alignment or crake your aligners. Foods and beverages that can stain, such as citrus juice, blueberries, and hot beverages like coffee can distort or stain your aligners.

How do clear aligners for Teens work?

Clear aligners for teens work in slow and steady increments to move your teeth so they are better aligned. Each set of clear aligners is made using impressionless scans and are designed to gently move the teeth to where your dentist recommends so that you can enjoy a straight and beautiful smile in as little time as possible.

How long do aligners take?

While it is important to remember that every teen’s teeth are different, in most cases it the time varies; however, you can contact your doctor to receive an accurate estimate.

What happens if my teen loses an aligner?

Even the most responsible teen might lose an aligner during the course of their treatment. However, in many cases, the lost aligner can often be replaced. It’s important to let us know if one is lost and to make sure you keep your previous aligners so that if needed you can use that one before returning to the office for a replacement.

How much are clear aligners for teens?

The cost of clear aligners for teens is competitive with traditional braces.

Benefits of Clear Aligners

There are many benefits of clear aligners for teens that make them an ideal choice for getting the straight and pretty smile that you desire.

Continue to enjoy the foods you love

Regardless of whether you want to enjoy a stick of gum or you crave a snack of blueberries, you can eat what you love with clear aligners. Simply remove the trays while you eat or drink and clean your teeth before reinserting them.

No wires or brackets that can break or cause pain

One of the most challenging things about wearing traditional braces is the pain and discomfort they can cause. Clear aligners don’t have any wires or brackets that can break and cause such issues.

Can be easily removed for a special event, like a graduation or a school dance

Luckily, your clear aligners can be removed for special moments and events like school dances and graduation are what make the teens years particularly memorable. You can remove your clear aligners for a short time and enjoy these moments without restrictions.

If you’re an athlete, you’ll be pleased to note that you can continue to play your favorite sports. Simply remove your clear aligners when engaging in contact sports or other activities that could cause damage to the trays.

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